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KemerKemer only 42 km. south of Antalya, is an important tourism
centre with many hotels with a large capacity, holiday village and modern marina.

The name has been given to the city of Turkish word for belt, due to the fact that the river that flows through the Kemer, looks like a belt.

Only 20 years ago, it was charming Mediterranean village with two to three story houses lost among orange groves, facing the pine forest of the Toros Mountains.

KemerWith the advent of tourism, the country changed rapidly. Three story buildings mushroomed in Kemer. Some of these buildings are hotels, other are businesses.
All kinds of international products are sold in the ground floor shops of the town.

Tourism dominates Kemer. In the cool evening hours, the town's streets bustle with visitors and local alike, whose mill about the shops and coffeehouses.


Tables are set into the sidewalks. Shops are alive selling everything from souvenirs and trinkets to carpets.

Bars and nightclubs, where mostly one or two entertainers perform, come to life.

The most attractive characteristic of Kemer is its natural beauty, with many parks, and orange trees can be found everywhere

Sea, forest and mountains intersect at a point. It is very attractive to see the clarity of the sea, green colour of the forests; sea's reaching out the pine trees, pine trees used as sunshades at the beaches.

KemerKemer has a long pedestrian with shops and eating places. The streets are wide, well maintained and full of trees and flower beds.
The second beach is made up of roll pebbles, where it is water is deeper.
Between the 2 beaches is the marina where you will find boats from all over Europe.

Every Monday's and Tuesday's it's Market in Kemer where local people are shopping for next week's consumption of vegetables and other necessities, and you simply must get to experience the market's.

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Surrounding Kemer, there are 3 places worth a visit, if you are interested in living history.

Phaselis, which was founded in the 4th. century BC and
Olympos with the city, the beach and Mount Olympus Chimera with the eternal flame. In both places you'll find ruins from Byzantium and the Romans.

In order to determine the plant species within Antalya province and its environment, many studies and researches have been made until today.


As a result of these studies, nearly all of the plant species from sea level up to 200-2500 m altitude have been determined. Beldibi Region, 25 km far to Antalya Province is also rich in terms of plant species.

In this small town located on Antalya-Kemer highway, there are lemur formations as a typical plant of the Mediterranean Region and there are shore-sand dune plants in beaches, in Tahtali Mountain bottom parts, there are Turkish pine forests and near the settlement areas there are culture plants.

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Photos, map and info about Kemer Marina
The Marina. This full service marina has marin eras to lead you to your slip, they will help with the laid lines and they expect to be called before you depart is completely protected from swell and surge and is a popular wintering-over spot. It is a full service facility.

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Photos, map and info about Moonlight Beach
Moonlight Beach and Park in Kemer is a large area with the best sandy beach in Kemer. The beach is fine and shallow, and is suitable for young children.

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Çamyuva is located southwest of Kemer. Camyuva is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on its east side, Tahtalı mountains on its west side and Agva and the ancient city of Phaselis and Tekirova district on its southern side.

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