What to do in Kemer, Turkey
New Year Marathon in Kemer

New Year Marathon in Kemer was held first time in 2009. December 31, 2010 hundreds of Santas again fill the streets, and you can also participate in this festival.

Submission of Registration Documents
08:00 am on Friday, December 31 from the starting point will be delivered. A valid identification (ID card, passport, driver's license) should be present. Address: 2.Kemer Run starting point for the new year race
(Kemer Tourism Training Centre - Ture front)


Liability and Insurance. Responsibility belongs to participate in marathon participants.
Organizer Kemer city of Marathon, and all kinds of organizations that perform mesuliyetten stay.

However accidents, stolen clothes, or other vehicle / equipment is also included. Sport, especially in the field of medical control is recommended.

All participants in reaching the certificates of participation, they participate in jogging and team members agree that there is any health disability.

Participants will be submitted Services
- 10,000 meters, and all runners completed the Half Marathon
medal koşularını
- T-Shirts
- Running water and the need for the route point
- Health services long the route and at the ending point.
- Clothes bag
-fruit and drink at the ending point of theroute*
Mehmetcik Mah. Aspendos Boulevard.
Aspendos Is Merkezi No: 65/AB
07200 Antalya