What to do in Kemer, Turkey
Shopping in Kemer


It is usually possible to come across shopping centers including Turkish textile and world trade marks and brands in Kemer region.

You have the opportunity to find the most special designs and products of leather, jewelry and carpets. You can have information about the life style of the public and the products of the region when you visit public bazaars of the region. All the souvenirs, for yourself or for your loved ones at home, are waiting for you at the shops.

The folks bazaar is also a very interesting place for tourists. You should see the bazaar to get an idea of the products growing in the region and of the life style of the regional people.

In the two main streets in Kemer you will find a large selection of clothing, jewelry, gold, and souvenirs. Take your time and look around because the selection is large.

When you find something you want to buy, then start negotiations about the price.

But you can also find shops where the goods are fully priced, as you know it from back home.


Marked i Kemer
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The Turkish textile industry and the Turkish fashion is famous worldwide.
You have the chance to obtain products from this sector, which are at top quality, much cheaper compared with world prices.

You can also find worldwide known trademarks in the shops and in the shopping centers.
The handmade jewelry, silver, decorative articles, carpet and kilim's, which bear the best patterns of Turkish tradition and handcraft, will attract you.

Most of the people speak foreign languages; you will have no communication difficulties.

Håndarbeid i Kemer
In the center of Kemer, you will find women selling needlework they have made​​.
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To be suitable, a good purchase must also be fairly light, portable and easily pack able. It should fit effortlessly in your small suitcase or you should be able to mail it home without breaking the bank on postage.

Many people can save lots of money by buying glasses in Kemer. You can save as much as 50% by buying glasses in Turkey. And remember.

This is glasses of same quality that you buy at home. Take the last results of your last eye test with you, because in Turkey, only ophthalmologists are allowed to do so.

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