Extreme Enduro "Sea to Sky"

Red Bull Sea to Sky is unique: Three days of racing in the most beautiful terrain, located right at the shore of the Turkish Riviera. Each days has it’s own style and fun:

Red Bull Sea to Sky kicks off with the 20 minutes + 1 lap “Beach Race” – a motocross-like race with a mass start along the coastline in front of the Hotels of Kemer village. The track has a lot of sand, natural jumps and a long straight at the shore that allows to go flat out to the max!


The result of the “Beach Race” determines the starting order for the “Forest Race” stage in the forests and rocks around Kemer.

The woods
The riders will face a dream-like but definitely tiring second race day. The Forest Race has it all: Faster gravel roads in the mountains, the first steeper up- and downhill sections and some awesome single trails in the forest. 

Track will be around 65 Km and we expect the fastest rider to manage the track in around 1H 30 Min. The results of the Forest Race will define the starting rows Red Bull Sea to Sky’s main event: The Olympus Mountain Race.

From the beach to the top of Tahtali 2365 meters above sea level

And now, gentlemen, start your engines for the truly unique Red Bull Sea to Sky “Olympos Mountain Race”. No other offroad event has ever given you such a variety of stunning and challenging tracks in such a beautiful landscape. The Olympos Mountain Race will take you all the way from the beach through the forest up to the very top of the mountain Olympos (Tahtali 2.365 m).

You will have 7 hours to make it to the Red Bull arch at the finish line on the very top of the mountain.From the start at the beach the race track leads into a wide, dry riverbed for 8 km. Easy and fast at the beginning it will challenge your riding skills towards the end when water and larger rocks add more excitement. 


The river bed is followed by a section of about 40km of mostly single trails and wood working trails. Once again, the higher you get, the more difficult the track gets. Yes, you have to earn your Red Bull Sea to Sky Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal!

After passing the tree line at an altitude of approximately 1700m even the international top riders will face their limits – but still the vast majority of the rocky sections will be rideable. And for those who want to welcome the heroes at the finish on top of the mountain, there is an easy way to get there: By cable car, which is also the way back for the finishers.

The organizers expect only 30% or less of the competitors to finish the total of 60km. Those who will arrive within the maximum 7 hours riding time will be awarded with a Red Bull Sea to Sky Gold medal.


Those competitors that are able to make it all the way up to the tree line at an altitude of about 1.700 m will be awarded with a Silver medal, and those competitors who make it through the river section and the first sections of the forest will receive a bronze medal at the riders beach party on Sunday evening.Award ceremony and beach, party!

Come and see how Extreme Enduro riders party, again … extreme fun!

More info on: http://www.redbullseatosky.com

Text and photos from http://www.redbullseatosky.com/race/race-track/