Eventsin Kemer
Events and festivals in Kemer, Turkey

Extreme Enduro "Sea to Sky"
In the second half of September the Red Bull Sea to Sky is held in Kemerand where some the world's top Extreme Enduro riders like Graham Jarvis (UK, Husaberg), Jonny Walker (UK, KTM) and Andreas Lettenbichler (GER, Husqvarna) gather

It is the only race in the world that takes riders from the sea and beach, through the woods and up to an altitude of 2365 meters above sea level

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Troya Dans - Fire of Anatolia
With experience from successful performances worldwide, gives Fire of Anatolia Dance people of Antalya and tourists who see show is, an insight into the highly developed culture history of Anatolia, and artistic performances are of high quality.

Fire of Anatolia performances include TROYA are held at the performances of leading cultural and artistic events in the world and Turkey.
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Kemer Pomegranate Festival

Kemer Pomegranate Festival takes place every year in May

Fore a week you can enjoy art exhibitions, shows, concerts appearance,
and the last night ends with a huge firework..

Aspendos Opera/ Ballet Festival in June
Each year thousands of foreign and local tourists flock in to Aspendos in order to see this magnificent ancient building , known as one of the best preserved antique theatres in the world, with many original features of the building remaining intact.

It has being used for various activities and festivals for many years, among which the Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival is the most famous one.

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Kemer Inter. Underwater Days in march/April
International Kemer Underwater Days is a week of activities organized jointly by the Mediterranean Underwater Archeological Research Center and the Foundation
for the Promotion of Kemer.

The Antalya coast of the Mediterranean has hosted numerous civilizations for thousands of years, who maintained their commercial and political relationships
mostly through naval routes.

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Phaselis Art Days in September
Phaselis Art and Culture Festival takes place at the 2400 year old trading center
Phaselis, located 11-12 km. from Kemer.

In a week it's held exhibitions and kunserter with famous Turkish and international artists.

Buses from Kemer to  Phaselis.

New Year's Marathon in Kemer
New Year's Eve gathers hundreds of residents and tourists in Kemer center, and runs a full or half marathon (or as far as they bear).

The important thing is not to win but to take part. Everyone gets a diploma and a medal, and if you also have a Santa Claus Hat, bring it with you.

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